On building Bonita Executive Center we thought about you – a business executive accustomed to working with the latest office productivity tools and services, and so we invested in the newest office technology and communications services to give you that competitive edge.

Our office technology features include:

  • Full-feature, high-speed digital copiers
  • Facsimile with multiple tasking features
  • Easy to use VoIP telephone equipment with many productivity enhancers such as conference calling, internal and external transfers, call handling, and more
  • Individual Wi-Fi connection with own password and firewall protection
  • Cost savings of T-1 access for telecommunications is passed onto tenants without any markup
  • Sophisticated voice mail capabilities including 24-hour access and notification features
  • Call / Audio conferencing equipment with the highest fidelity

And since we recognize the importance of high-level communications in our networked world, we offer:

  • High speed fiber optic internet access through
  • Data/modem ports