Doing business in Southwest Florida is getting even easier … with BEC Video Conferencing we remove distance as a barrier by providing highly effective personalized communications. We invite you to experience the highest quality and the greatest value in video conferencing. Join the growing number of busy executives who are utilizing video conferencing to maximize communications with clients, employees and suppliers across the nation.

  • Save time- spend your time where you will be most productive and avoid the delays of waiting in airports and sitting on planes
  • Save money – many executives find that the real cost of travel is significantly more then the cost of video conferencing. We are committed to keeping our rates low!
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Stay in touch with important business contacts
  • Be a phone call away from corporate office, suppliers and employees in an interactive personalized environment that’s the next best thing to being present.

At BEC you are able to enjoy working in an environment that is productive and comfortable. BEC partnered with the best in the industry – SPRINT® for the ISDN network and Polycom® for quality of picture and ease of use.
At BEC we will help you plan and professionally manage your next Video Conferencing event. It’s important to us that you have an experience that will keep you coming back. Let BEC Video Conferencing be the right destination for your next meeting!
Other amenities and services available to make your experience perfect include:

  • In-Room Conference Coordinator
  • Network Attendant
  • Video Tape Recording Feature
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Service-Oriented Staff
  • Administrative Support Services

We would enjoy arranging full-service catering for your next event. At BEC we provide the right environment for your business event. We don’t settle for paper products, at BEC you will enjoy quality dishware, flatware services, glasses, etc.